XYZ ডোমেইন সার্ভার হোল্ড / ডোমেইন সাসপেন্ড করেছে? এর সমাধান !

A Server Hold lock is placed by Registry on your .XYZ domain name if your domain name is reported for being involved in abuse. The Server Hold lock also prevents your domain from resolving. You can always look up your domain’s status on the WHOIS to confirm the Server Lock.

Here is what you need to do to be able to lift the Server Hold from your .XYZ domain name. Firstly, visit the Registry’s website to understand the exact case of abuse for which your domain is listed. Click the link below to find out:

Enter in your domain name and check the Captcha box to load your domain result.

If your domain name is suspended, the lookup result will display that your domain has been reported for Abuse.

Click on the Request Review button which will display the below form

You will have to visit each of the blacklist sites and cross-check if your domain name is blacklisted.

  1. Spamhaus
  2. Virus Total:
  3. Google Safebrowsing:
  4. SURBL:
  5. URIBL:
  6. Quttera

If your domain name is blacklisted, individually fill out the blocklist removal forms on each of the sites and get your domain removed from their listing. Once done, you can recheck the listing and take appropriate screenshots and upload them under Section 3 of the Registry’s form “Enter Required Evidence”. Add in your Name and Email Address and submit the form.

You will shortly receive an acknowledgment email from the Registry. The Registry will review your request and accordingly unsuspend your domain and lift the ServerHold Lock on the domain and notify you via email.

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